Ready for winter 2015/16?

Pole Position Ski Shop offers ski gear you cant find anywhere on the planet – if you are interested in developing your skills as a skier this is the shop for you. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our products .


A premium light weight downjacket celebrating the R.A.C.E. Together with world-renowned hyper carmaker Koenigsegg the Pole Position Brand brings you the best of two worlds. The Apex Down Jacket is a warm light weight winter jacket that looks great on or to the mountain. Full of great features – this first series are a limited exclusive jacket only available online at this shop.

Ski Pole in our Ski Shop

The ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles is an absolute premium quality product with the integration of world cup components and power-weights in aluminum.

The Iso-Kinetic is developed by pro’s for pro’s and by adding weight inserts to the tip of the poles you will increase your balance and the ski-plane will become more responsive through this new feel and experience.

Add Aluminum baskets for your Ski Pole

Screw on, screw off, mix weights for ultimate upper body balance, faster turns and more power – the possibilities are endless. Fits Pole Position ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles and ski poles with screw-on-system.

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